Custom temperature sensors to meet your specifications

Can’t find the right on-stock probe for your application?

We’re specialized in producing custom-shaped temperature probes according to your specifications. Feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss all the detail of custom order.

What can be tailored to suit your requirements?

  • Shape of temperature probe: We can produce any form of temperature probe which is totally dependent on the needs dictated by your project.
  • Temperature sensor: depending on the area of application we can suggest an appropriate temperature element, which will be inserted in the probe. You can choose between resistance temperature detectors (RTD): Pt100, Pt1000, … and thermocouples: type J, type K, …
  • Response time: in addition to traditional on-stock probes we also produce probes that have faster response time to changes in the environment.
  • Temperature range: We produce probes for standard temperature ranges, as well as sensors for extremely low or extremely high temperatures.
  • Output signal: the output signal from the sensor may be a direct resistance of the temperature sensor which changes with temperature, or any of the standard outputs, which are suitable for further processing e.g .: 4 … 20 mA, 0 … 10 V or RS 485 interfaces.


Example of customer’s sketch and finished probe:


Sketch:                                                                                                                Finished probe:


temperaturna-tipala-po-naročilu-izvedba copy copy