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Do you have the knowledge about measurement and automation and your company is interested  in becoming a distributor of high quality temperature and humidity sensors and temperature transmitters?

If your answer to the question is yes then please contact us at:

We offer whole-country exclusive distribution agreements!


Why working with us?

We offer large variety of on-stock temperature probes, humidity sensors and temperature transmitters with complete documentation (datasheets, mounting instructions, declarations of conformity)
Because we are a manufacturer and not a reseller we are also able to offer something very unique – custom made temperature sensors exactly the kind your customers need. And that makes us different from our competition.
We are proud to be the go-to manufacturer of custom-made as well as stock temperature sensors for eight europe-based sellers of measuring equipment.  I’m sure we could work together in the same way. We offer free consulting for all our partners and their clients on custom-made as well as standard temperature sensors.

How does custom-made sensor ordering work?
Simple – your client wants a shape or type of sensor that is not in your offer – you send us their specifications and/or technical sketch and we produce it!


Why are we different from the rest?

Every client is equal – i.e. most important. We maintain personal relationships with every one of our clients to make sure we always provide what  they need.

We are experts in temperature and humidity measurement, control and data-logging. We are a team of skilled engineers divided into hardware, software and final product design. We have been working side-by-side for 25 years and our team spirit also shows in our products.

Being small in an advantage, not a shortcoming.  All our production is in small series. All products are made by hand and each product is tested making sure the quality is top notch before it is send to the customer.

– Last but not least:  We strive to offer competitive prices and substantial quantity discounts.