Cable temperature probes

Most frequenly used temperature probes are cable temperature probes.

Maximum operating temperature of the cable probe is determined by isolation of connectin cable and built-in temperature sensor.
Cable temperature sensors are selected according to the different environmental conditions in which the sensor is mounted. Conditions to consider are primarily the maximum temperature to which the probe will be exposed and the way the probe will be mounted to the measurement site.

If a probe with short response time is needed, we select a probe with a smaller diameter fo protection tube Φ p.

Temperature cable probe is constructed of:
connectiong cable, insulation of which determines operating temperature range of the cable probe
protection tube (stainless steel tube), in which the temperature sensor is built
temperature sensor ( Pt100, Pt1000, KTY, thermistor, etc.), which is coupled with the connection cable and inserted in the protection tube

The most inexpensive probes are type OK, with PVC insulated connection cable and are designed for temperature range from -10°C to 110°C.
For higher operating temperatures we can use temperature probes from OK family with connection cables insulation made of temperature-durable materials (silicone, teflon, fiberglass with steel overbraids etc.) and can be used for temperatures up to 400°C. These probes are usualy installed in a protective sleeves which are usually already a part of a storage tanks, piping, furnaces, etc.

For other mounting requirements we produce screw-in cable probes – type AK and BK and probes with welded mounting hole – type CK.
For on-pipe installation we recommend contact cable probes – type KN with flexible clamp – type KNN.
For temperature measurements in injection molding machines (injection presses) and extruders we recommend the use of the cable probe with bayonet connection – type BJ, which enagles good heat transfer through adjustable spring pressure.

We also offer production of tailor-made temperature cable probes which are custom made to comply with customer’s specifications.


Cable probes in our offer:


Temperature cable probe type OK

Universal push-in temperature probe with connection cable.


Cable temperature probe type OK

Temperature cable probe type BJ

Push-in cable temperature probe with bayonet connection.


Bayonet temperature probe type BJ

Temperature cable probe type AK and BK

Screw-in cable temperature probe.

Datasheet AK

Datasheet BK

Cable temperature probe AK & BK

Temperature cable probe type KN and KNN

Contact temperature cable probe type KN and KNN for on-pipe mounting.

Datasheet KN

Datasheet KNN

Cable temperature probe KN & KNN

Temperature cable probe type CK

Temperature cable probe type CK with welded mounting hole.


Cable temperature probe type CK